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Point output for Create Fishnet

04-24-2020 10:01 AM
Status: Open
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I use the gp function Create Fishnet (Data Management) quite a bit in my workflow.

My request is to add POINT output to the function. All the logic is already in the function since the vertices have to be calculated.A grid consisting of just the points would help me out with certain tasks.


Have you tried the LABELS option?


It puts them in the center which is not what I need for my tasks

In addition to creating the output fishnet, a new point feature class is created with label points at the center of each fishnet cell if the Create Label Points parameter is checked (labels = 'LABELS' in Python) The name of this feature class is the same as the output feature class with a suffix of _label and is created in the same location.


So you'd want points at the corners of the currently generated polygons?


Yes please. The gp already calculates these vertices and then for polylines just connects them right? Same for polygons, it just creates a polygon out of the calculated vertices. In my request I would just want those calculated vertices as a point feature class.


Also there are bound to be duplicates so not really sure that we would need more than one point per corner.


In that case why not offset by 1/2 cell and create an extra row and column.


Not sure what that means.

The whole point (no pun intended) was to get the mesh but only the intersections.


If you subtract 1/2 cell size from the lower left corner and 1/2 cell size from the x coordinate of the lower left corner, and ask for one more row and column, the tool will generate label points at each for your mesh intersections. You'd then throw away all the results except the label points.

Another approach would be to run the Feature Vertices to Points tool off the polygon output of Create Fishnet, and then unique-ize them with the Delete Identical tool.

Not criticizing, I am simply curious. What would be the purpose of these points? Since these are at the intersections, how would you want to attribute them? 


That's too many extra steps for something that can easily be coded in the gp. I am trying to expand the functionality of this tool and all the logic is there so it's a simple addition. The points are a mesh just like the fishnet. sometimes I need points rather than polygons.


I still don't understand your use-case. What are you using these corner points for?