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12-16-2011 12:49 PM
Status: Open
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Many of us that use GIS for Engineering need tools to create "Plan & Profile" drawings. Because ArcMap is in-capable of this we use AutoCAD Civil 3D. Plan & Profile drawings are used in design of many different types of structures: pipelines, powerlines, waterlines, sewerlines, roads, bridges, railroads, & more. The  graph tool in ArcMap is complete crap, and has not been upgraded in 10 years. We need something that creates a graph based on data shown in the data frame at a specified range. Where the plan view and profile view is linked in the layout. FYI - I do know about software extensions that will do this but think it should be provided out of the box.
Have you heard of or tried the Infrastructure Network Editing tools from Esri?  You can generate profiles with this tool.  Granted they aren't nearly as detailed as what you can do with AutoCAD Civil 3D but you can easily tell if you have a bust in your profile.
Great thanks. I am testing it out now.
Great Idea!  GIS technology has evolved to a point where it can be used to produce engineered plans.  However, The tools provided by esri to create proffesional plans in the engineering field are not adequate.  AutoCAD Civil 3D has many features that could be implemented into esri software for profiles, stationing, alignments, etc. 

We need tools that complimant the industry standard of engineering design.
I come across this issue every few months and have to refer the task to our AutoCAD Dept.  It would sure be nice to get this solved.
This would be a great tool to have in GIS.  Example of need:  examining lines-of-site for examining potential radio tower sites.

it's similar to this: