Place a check mark to make all layers visible/invisible

03-14-2022 08:46 AM
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Sometimes users work with so many layers and vision gets lost or interfered. Users might like to turn off all layers and make visible only one layer to make the vision clear.  To do that, they need to go check/uncheck layer by layer. 

If you place a checkbox next to each Map to turn on/off layers, it would save time and ease the interaction. 

Something like this 



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It isn't through the design that you're proposing, but to solve the stated problem, hold the Alt key and click the layer that you want to keep turned on.





I would also suggest that if you have many layers you can create a Group Layer to stay organized.  Then you can turn off/on the entire group with a single checkbox.


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@Amadeus111 did you know you could hold down the Ctrl key and click?  All layers at the same level will be automatically toggles on/off.   This applies to group layers and grouped/grouped layers as well.  Everything at the same level gets toggled.

Jeff = and Layout teams.


Thank you all for the answers! @KoryKramer  @JeffBarrette I was not aware of the shortcuts. Yes, functionality there but it is not user-friendly and intuitive. I think many users would agree with me. 

@BryndaHatch I know how to use group layers but using group layers is not a direct answer to this suggestion. My suggestion is to make it easier to turn on and off all layers easily. Creating a group layer adds more jobs to do it although group layer is very helpful organizing the layers. 



@KoryKramer I am disappointed to see this flagged as Already Offered. 

In light of the functionality existing, I would still consider @Amadeus111 's Idea as a relevant suggestion for improving the user experience associated with the functionality. The current implementation works, however, it is not as user friendly, nor as intuitive, as something along the lines of the Idea.

There are many systems, including ArcGIS products, that support the pattern of having a checkbox at the top of a list, which impacts selection of all of the items in the list


Hi @PeterKnoop I had come back here to re-open the idea for voting but see that it had already been re-opened before your comment.