Pause Labels in Layout View

06-18-2020 11:59 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Need the ability to pause and un-pause labels within a layout view. I may be wrong, but I feel like this was a function that got removed (now grayed out). Currently the only way to do it, is to activate the map, pause the labels, and then un-active the map (an vice-versa to un-pause). It's not always convenient to do this while the map is active, and just adds unnecessary steps to the workflow. Often when the map is active you accidentally change the scale or extent and do not have all the functionality available in layout mode.

Case Uses:

1 - When developing the symbology for features so they look correct within a layout, need freedom to easily toggle the labels on and off while designing to see how everything interacts. 

2 - Need to quickly change multiple settings without labels slowing down workflow.

3 - Working with map series and want to be able to change the series page to view the symbology in a different area without the labels loading for each page.

4 - Designing layout template and elements, or simply making a few quick alteration without needing to first active the map and pause the labels. Implementing ArcMap's functionality for toggling Draft Mode would be a helpful addition too (there's already an idea out there for this).

5 - Altering a labels position and placement settings without it auto applying every change.

6 - Adds unnecessary step when about to export and need to activate the map again to un-pause the labels before. (There's also a good idea out there about issuing a warning about labels being paused before exporting. I would add to it the functionality that within the export window there be a option to "Always export with labels on").


Please make it possible to pause cascading updates across maps/layouts - see #2 above.  It would be sooo nice to be able to change the font, then the size, then the placement, of a few different label classes for more than one feature class, THEN have all the changes executed.  This does not currently seem to be the case.

Status changed to: Already Offered

This is available in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.