Pause Chart Rendering while Changing Chart Properties in Pro

09-25-2018 09:32 AM
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The new charts in ArcGIS Pro are amazing.  Setting them up with large datasets is problematic as each change to a chart property causes the whole chart to redraw.   Minor changes such as an axis label will trigger the redraw, which can take several minutes.    

It would be nice to turn off or pause the recalculation feature while I am setting up a chart. 

One work around is working with a subset as selected feature, extent, or definition query, or time series.  I would rather not have to keep track of the data set I am using. It is too easy to create a chart with the incorrect dataset.

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I'm curious whether the rendering performance noted here will be resolved with ArcGIS Pro 2.5 (due out later this month).  Changes were made that drastically improve chart rendering performance, so update to 2.5 when available and circle back here with results!