Parse MXD information to PDF (XMP) metadata

11-10-2010 03:47 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
It would be beneifcal to allow the parsing of Arc element names to PDF metadata as part of exporting or printing an MXD.

For exmaple, an element labelled "Map Title" or "Description" which may be different to the filename of the MXD.

If this information was parsed to the PDF, it would allow third party products to "use" these fields to populate fields in a Sharepoint list for example.

Currently none of this data is parsed as part of the PDF printing or exporting process from Arc.
Yes, if I understand well, it woul be nice to export the mxd properties (title, description, author...) into the pdf properties
This is a very useful feature for accessibility and also for document management. PDFs created via ArcMap are often only at the start of their document lifecycle. Other apps need to be able to read the document property information.
I would also suggest that Data Driven Pages should create PDF bookmarks using the Page Name of the series. At 10.2 ArcMap does not do this.