Page Query for Thematic Map Series

02-12-2024 08:03 PM
Status: Open
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I think it would be so beneficial to be able to use page queries for thematic map series. Page queries are such a powerful resource for spatial map series, and there are various applications of them that could be used in thematic map series.

Recently, I was working on a project where I had seven image basemaps grouped in a Radio Group in my map contents. Additionally, I had feature classes that had an attribute that could be used to match to the current image basemap/page of the map series, same as how page queries work with spatial map series. This would allow me to iterate through the feature class and create all of the PDF layouts I needed. Instead, I had to do a combination of manual/brute force and Python coding to engineer my own page query for thematic map series. Please bring page queries to thematic map series!


Please implement this idea!


Great idea! Could see a variety of uses for this new tool if it gets implemented.


Nice idea, Cullen! I can see how this would be immensely helpful.