Organize Favorites in Catolog View

05-21-2021 01:05 PM
Status: Open
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Currently ArcGIS Pro allows us to add as many favorites as we want in the catalog view.  However there is no mechanism to organize the favorites which makes using favorites cumbersome to work with.  I think that ESRI should consider organizing favorites in a way that is similar to how web browsers allow users to organize bookmarks.

For example:

  • Allow users to right click on a favorite to view the source of a favorite.  This is especially important various web services, or when working on multiple projects that have similar names.  Example:  How would I know if "Data" refers to D:\CountyA\Data or D:\CountyB\Data
  • Allow users to flip between the friendly name of a favorite to the source of a favorite.
  • Allow Favorites to be grouped in virtual sub folders.  This will be useful to organize data by geographic area and or the type of data such as air photos*