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Option to turn off double click to finish sketch

07-25-2013 07:50 AM
Status: Closed
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In the editing options there should be the option to turn off double click to end a sketch. Accidentally ending a sketch is a common occurance for people in my office and Im sure everywhere. I dont want to remove it, just make it an option. I would rather just hit f2 or use the context menu than redraw sketches.


Absolutely agree - its really frustrating to be 2 hours into a sketch only to accidently hit the mouse button twice. Either an option to disable the double click function or allow users to redo the finishing of the polygon would be really useful! 

Status changed to: Closed

I realize that this is an old request but wanted to note here that this option was implemented in ArcGIS Pro under the Editing Options:


It will not be implemented in ArcMap as no further enhancements are being made there.