Option to prevent rotation of line fill symbols

07-14-2010 06:36 AM
Status: Open
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The idea is to prevent line fill symbols like hatches from being rotated with the dataframe. For example, allowing a 45 degree hatch, to remain a 45 degree hatch, regardless of dataframe rotation. This would also resolve issues of dissimilarity between symbology in the legend and symbology on the map.

This could be added to the existing "Rotate marker symbols with dataframe" option that is available in the Advanced ArcMap Settings utility or as a separate option.

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Essential requirement. This option should come naturally along with Data Frame rotation.

It is very sad for users to request such trivial things from such a "professional" application. ESRI should hire some more skilled software and UI designers to design a true GIS application for 21st century. Intuitive, interactive and intelligent as ArcGIS currently isn't.
This option for Line Fill Symbols in addition to the Marker Fill Symbols would be really helpful. Moreover, for our company it is very important to have this option implemented inside ArcMap directly and not only in the Advanced ArcMap Settings.

This is definitely not a big thing to implement.

It's a basic, which could save a lot of working time


And yet we're still waiting!


Has this been implemented by esri yet?   If not, that's ridiculous.  It's simply common sense to not rotate polygon line fill symbols when a data frame is rotated, especially in the case of a data-driven pages where each page is a different rotation..  C'mon guys.


We have the same need, the same issue of using data driven pages and having lots of polygon layers, Please at least add this functionality to ArcGIS Pro


The only work-around I found for this was the create a custom coordinate system with a different central meridian to avoid rotating the dataframe at all (thankfully I deal mostly in conical or stereographic projections)  Kind of sad this doesn't work right either in ArcMap or ArcGIS pro.


we have a project with 25 maps with different rotations and predefined symbology which includes "line fill symbols".

ArcMap is capable to produce everything besides the fixed rotation of the symbology. therefore we have to produce 25 mxd files instead of one map series and define it in each mxd seperately!

it's really poor!!!


11 years and a new program later, we are still waiting for this basic and highly needed function. wondering if the guys from ESRI sometimes use ArcGIS or if they work with QGIS.

Would it be possible to take this essential request into consideration?