Option to lock Drag and Drop file movement in Catalog Pane

09-23-2021 08:14 AM
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It would be HUGE to get some protections for accidental file "management" (copy and move) from the Catalog Pane in Pro.  I'm using a knockoff Wacom Tablet (pretty nice though - XP-Pen) primarily as an ergonomic tool and for comfort while digitizing.  BUT, it's imperfect and I have now moved fgdb feature classes and shapefiles unknowingly on more than one occasion.  I understand that the old-fashioned ArcCatalog prompts users for confirmation before moving or copying.  We really need this protection in Pro as well.  Just a simple prompt - "Confirm that you want to copy <whatever> to <path/to/wherever>" - YES, NO.  It's just so easy to move entire gdb without meaning to, regardless of mouse/stylus situation.  Laggy network, or...slow Arc Pro due to whatever and stuff happens.  

Thanks for your consideration.

Zach Uhlmann

GIS Specialist from Boise, ID

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Hello @ZacharyUhlmann1,

Thank you very much for your feedback.  

Although we currently do not have plans to provide such confirmation message, in Pro 3.0 we do provide a drop cursor tooltip when you drag and drop items in a project.  Similar to the tooltip you would see in Windows File Explorer, the tooltip informs you about the operation Pro would perform if you drop the items on a target container - copy, move, add to project, add and open, or import and open.  For example:


Both the drop cursor and its tooltip changes dynamically depending on which potential target container you are hovering over with items that you are dragging, and whether you are also pressing down the Ctrl key or Shift key while dragging. 

We hope this would help you with your workflow, by making it obvious the drag-drop action you are performing (intentionally or unintentionally), and therefore provide a solution to your problem.  We plan to close this idea soon unless you consider this solution not satisfactory.

Thank you again for your input, and we look forward to more of your ideas for improving ArcGIS Pro.

Status changed to: Closed