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Option to Disable Domain Restrictions

09-16-2022 07:11 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Please implement an option to disable domain restrictions when adding new features. In ArcMap if an attribute that is constrained to a domain was left alone, it stayed as NULL or no value even if NULL is not allowed, when added. In Pro when adding new features, if an attribute is constrained to a domain the Feature Template has to be set before a feature can be added. In many cases we have a script that would populate the attribute after the fact.

The current solution; "In Pro, we added functionality to fail the edit if the value is outside of the domain.  If you need to set the attribute to an invalid domain value, rather than adding the value to the domain, you can use Calculate Field from the Attribute table. "

Allow the user to disable this functionality.

This is very frustrating in dealing with SDSFIE data across multiple entities where the models vary in amount of feature classes and the amount of attributes in said feature classes.

Status changed to: Already Offered

@CarsonG Have you tried unchecking "Enforce attribute validation" in Editing options:



help link:



No, I have not lol. Thank you for pointing this out. When my initial search only turned up the following post, I cant create features due to :Value doesn't fall... - Esri Community I felt the solution provided in there was not a good one.

Thank you!