Open an aprx by drag-dropping into Pro

06-25-2020 06:56 PM
Status: Open
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Similar to how you could open an mxd by dragging it into an already-open ArcMap.  Saves a bit of time if you already have Pro open, and you have the aprx visible in file-explorer.


Hello John,

Although we do not plan to support this functionality, we do appreciate your suggestion, and would like to learn more about your workflow where you feel the need for this.  I am assuming you are aware that, if you already have a project .aprx file visible in the File Explorer, you can just double click the file to open the project easily, regardless whether there is already a Pro instance open. Would this work for what you were trying to do?


Thanks Naicong.  It's just a small efficiency if an empty instance of Pro is already open.  I tend to work within a project folder, and have Pro open since it saves ~20 seconds loading an aprx from scratch.  Also an ArcMap equvilancy, but not a biggy.  Can always copy-paste the file path.  Thanks for responding.