Only show features visible in clipped extent

03-28-2022 05:35 PM
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When a data frame has clipping applied (to the outline of features or a custom extent), a subset of features for visible layers may be visible while other features outside of the clip could be entirely hidden.  In a layout that is using this data frame, these hidden features are still represented in the legend, even when Feature Display Options > Only show features visible in the map extent is checked on for a layer that is visible in the Legend.

I would like to see Esri implement something similar to "Only show features visible in the map extent", but applied to the clipped data frame instead (perhaps a "Only show features visible within the clipped area")  Or any other way Esri chooses to implement to allow users to be able to apply this is fine.

Example:  A data frame has clip to selected feature applied - a district boundary - and after clipping, only cities A and B can be seen within, and nearby cities C and D are obscured.  In the map layout, if the data frame is zoomed to the selected district boundary, the Cities legend would show A, B, C, D, but because the map reader can't actually see cities C and D, those should be left off the legend.

This has also been logged as ENH-000147996; Kamau/Esri suggested I submit an ArcGIS Idea.

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So this should work. ArcGIS Pro is designed to support this. If it's not working for you, there is likely a bug. That would be better addressed by a community post or by contacting Esri technical support who can log a bug for the correct development team.


Aubri Kinghorn