One shortcut key (accelerator) to both interactively select and deselect additional features (Holding Shift)

09-14-2021 06:09 AM
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Only one shortcut (accelerator) should be required to both interactively select multiple features and deselect features from the current selection. In ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) this was accomplished by holding down the Shift key for both actions. ArcGIS Pro requires holding Shift to interactively select multiple features and holding Ctrl to interactively deselect from the features selected. Why require 2 different shortcuts keys when 1 worked perfectly in ArcMap? Please allow both actions to be performed while holding down the Shift key like it was in ArcMap.

by Anonymous User

yes, please!! I hope this gets way more than 5 kudos! I still can't get used to the fact that I have to switch my hand to Ctrl on the keyboard to unselect. eeek! I wonder everyday why it was changed from ArcMap. Esri? 


Because having one key that does both can cause one to accidentally unselect features unintentionally. I know that it is a change, but I will say that I've heard people say that they actually like it once they get used to it, with avoiding accidents being one of the reasons.

by Anonymous User

oof, ok. Well, thanks for the explanation @KoryKramer appreciate the response. I've been using Pro for almost 2 years. I sure hope I get used to it soon.

Edit - any chance it could at least be an option for users to set in the application's Options window?


@Anonymous User, thanks for the support.

@KoryKramer I appreciate the response as well, but I don't really understand the reasoning behind avoiding accidents. Having to use 2 different keys only makes the task more complicated and inherently more prone to accidents. I agree with @Anonymous User and wish it could at least be an option for users to set.

by Anonymous User

I have to add - it's now been 3 months since I posted my last response - and I'm still not used to it. In fact, yesterday I was doing some intensive editing and mentally doing the gymnastics of when to use a finger on Ctrl and when to put it on Shift was tiring and it slowed down my editing. Last week I used ArcMap for an old project and did some editing - Shift all the time, it was a beautiful, fast process.

And on the occasion that I would unselect something in ArcMap, I just click on it again, while still holding down shift, to reselect it. 

I do see how some people would like the different buttons. I have come to understand that with ArcGIS Pro, I'm not most people. 🙂 

Happy Mapping-



@Anonymous User I couldn't agree more! Love the gymnastics analogy too 😂👍


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