Network Analyst - Solve for Multiple Days

11-01-2010 10:31 AM
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Working in the Vehicle Routing Problems in Network Analyst, we are trying to build routes for a project.  Basically, there are 5 drivers and 3000 sites that they need to visit.  We're trying to 'Solve for Project', so that we can build routes for the drivers 'until project completion'

This would solve the network problem by telling users the preferred routes for a total of XXX days.  By assigning all the normal restraints, we could build our project plan/completion estimate from the routes.

As a temporary solution, i've taken the Divers and copied them 20x into the same class and created 20 routes for each, so that when i solve the problem, it solves it out for the first 20 days for each driver
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The method you describe of making multiple copies of the routes for each day is what is recommended for this type of problem. The solver will only use the number of routes that are needed and so by adding more then is expected it should help you determine how many routes are needed. 

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