Network Analysis: Including Depot Capacity in a VRP analysis

04-24-2013 09:19 AM
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Actually when a VRP analysis is being made, the capacity of orders of the depots are unlimited. This isn't happend in real live, so I think is a parameter that should be taking into account to make these analysis.
Is there any update on this? We have a customer that is asking for exactly this. 

I know this is a few years old, but i also have the same problem.

I have a waste pickup truck that starts/returns at "Depot A". Depot A is a truck depot - it is not an unloading site. It is only where the truck is parked.

I have established a Route Renewal site and associated it with the truck - this is the only location the waste can be unloaded.

However, after the last visit to the Route Renewal site, the VRP solver continues to pick up waste and takes it to Depot A on it's way back.

ESRI explains this here

From: ArcGIS Desktop Help 9.3 - Solving a vehicle routing problem

"For a route that has renewal visits, only the pickup orders after the last renewal visit are unloaded at the end depot"

So, there is no parameter for Depot Capacity for a Vehicle Routing Problem. This is a shame and I don't understand why.

If there was, I could set it to zero, and Depot A would not be unloaded at.

If anybody has a work-around, would love to hear your ideas!

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