Need for ArcGIS Pro tool to convert vertical Datum (CGVD1928 ↔ CGVD2013)

04-02-2019 10:36 AM
Status: Open
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Hello, it would be cool to have an ArcGIS tool capable to convert vertical values for different datums. This tool should be able to convert Rasters & Feature Classes.


Let's say you have a lot of LiDAR Rasters which have vertical value based on CGVD1928 Datum. Now Canada invites all to use the new CGVD2013 Datum. Old data could be processed with this tool in order to CONVENIENTLY convert entire data inventory to the new Vertical Datum with ease. This tool would obviously integrate gravimetric geoid and all relevant considerations. already offers online tools ( but it implies a lot of data manipulation, exportation, format consideration and possibly format extension limitations.


I assume it would be quite relatively easy to develop such a tool and integrate it in a future update.


Thanks to all Esri developers ! 


Please note that we added support for vertical transformations between CGVD28 and CGVD2013 in ArcGIS Pro 2.9. You will need to install supplementary coordinate system files, which include CGG2013 and CGG2013a geoid models and other conversion grid files. 3D and raster data can be converted with Project and Project Raster tools.

I hope this helps,