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Need ArcGIS Pro metadata support for TPKX Tile Package Files

05-23-2023 02:52 PM
Status: Open
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We often create TPKX tile packages for offline use in ArcGIS Pro and also in mobile apps like Field Maps.  These are created in ArcGIS Pro and are visible in Catalog View.  If metadata is viewed in the Catalog > Details Pane, it displays but all fields are blank.  If metadata is edited, it populates as edited but when saved, it is gone.  Seems like we are close to having metadata for items like TPKX files, but not fully there.  Please add metadata support for TPKX files in ArcGIS Pro.  


I note that "Esri Tile Package Spec" in GITHUB-- says that metadata is stored in the JSON file "The ItemInfo.json contains metadata to describe various properties needed to identify and preview the item without loading all the content." but that file nor any metadata is not exposed in ArcGIS Pro (currently using AGP 3.1.1)


I've created .tpk (not .tpkx) tile packages and .vtpk vector tile packages to sideload onto tablets to use with field maps. I like to update the thumbnail of the vector tile packages so that it's clear, when selecting basemaps in the field maps app, which basemap is saved locally and which is being streamed from the cloud. So far, I have not been able to do that for .tpk tile packages, but I would like to be able to. I'm running into the same issues you are with the .tpkx files. I'm not able to edit the metadata (including thumbnails) of either the .tpk or .vtpk files in Pro. It looks like I can, but the changes don't save. The workaround for the vector tile packages is to set the metadata for the basemap before exporting. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work for tile packages.