Need ability to create spatial view in an Enterprise Geodatabase if the storage geometry is SDEBINARY

02-20-2015 12:03 PM
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One of the main workflows in our organization is implemented using an ArcSDE Spatial View.  For versions of ArcGIS Desktop prior to version 10.3, the spatial view was created using the ArcSDE Administration Command "sdetable -o create_view".  This command created the spatial view and registered the view with the ArcSDE Geodatabase.  With ArcGIS Desktop 10.3, the ArcSDE Administration commands are no longer included and Spatial Views are now supposed to be created with the ArcCatalog "Create View" menu command.  The Create View command will create a spatial view if the Storage Geometry is GEOMETRY. However, if the Storage Geometry of the ArcSDE feature class is SDEBINARY the Create View command will not create the Spatial View  (with 10.2.2 the command fails, with 10.3, only a database view is created).

I recently migrated ALL of the feature classes in our SQL Server Enterprise Geodatabase from SDEBINARY to the GEOMETRY storage format.  After this change, the following impacts were observed:  1) a significant reduction inn ArcMap draw performance and feature class; 2) the size of the SQL Server database increased by a factor of 3; and 3) because of the increase in size of the database files, the SQL Server backup jobs now consumed all of the memory available on the server.  The draw performance of ArcMap was impacted so serverly that our ArcSDE Geodatabase became almost unsuable.  I then reloaded all feature classes using the SDEBINARY dbtune option so that all of the feature classes were converted back to SDEBINARY.

The SDEBINARY seems to provide the fastest draw performance with ArcMap as the client.  Because of the fast draw performance provided by SDEBINARY, my idea is to have the SDEBINARY Geometry Storage format continued to be fully supported in the Esri Enterprise Geodatabase so that the new ArcCatalog "Create View" menu command will create a Spatial View if the feature class's geometry storage format is SDEBINARY.

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