MXD Version Reporter

04-03-2013 10:59 AM
Status: Open
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Request for functionality
Please pop up a warning message box if the map document (MXD) was created by an earlier version of software so that appropriate action can be taken.
Please include an attribute visible in ArcCatalog that lists the MXD version; e.g. – ArcGIS 9.2
I've formally requested this product enhancement but was advised to post it here so as to determine its popularity.
Many vendors sell software applications (sub_apps) that work in conjunction with ESRI software.  These sub apps are version specific and often require version specific ESRI software, i.e. – Hawth's Analysis tools version 3.xx requires ArcMap 9.2 and will not work correctly with ArcMap 10.1.  As such many schools and offices maintain a few older machines that run prior versions of ESRI software.
The problem is that if a 9.2 MXD is opened on a 10.1 machine and saved that MXD  is no longer readable by the 9.2 machine.  The "save a copy" can restore the MXD, usually, but it would be more helpful to be warned ahead of time so that this issue could be avoided.  Since ArcMap already knows what version of software created the map a warning should be provided before saving is allowed.  A simple pop-up message box would suffice.  Further, in the interest of better planning, an attribute should be included in ArcCatalog that lists the versions of every MXD.
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I agree it would be very useful for ArcCatalog to report what version an mxd is. This could be in the properties or a mandatory field in the metadata.

There are many users still using older versions of ArcGIS which need to be supported. But this idea will only help people in the future as ESRI won't be going back to 9.1 and adding new functionality.
We have the same situation within our business.  This functionality would be extremely useful and save a lot of time. 
I'd also love the ability in arcpy to be able to get the version number of the mxd. Have it be a property of the MapDocument class.

It would be extremely helpful to have a setting that modifies the default MXD version that you're saving to. Actually, even just having ArcMap automatically re-save to the original version of the document rather than automatically updating it would be just fantastic.

Can we please get this functionality ASAP?