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Multiple Symbologies

07-22-2013 01:37 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to have the ability to switch between symbologies within ArcMap without either:

a) having to add in a new feature class and symbolize it differently
b) update my symbology than revert to the previous settings
c) create a new something (data frame, arcmap document, etc)

Working with pipes, I often like to symbolize in different manners. For example, show me my old pipes, pipes made of cast iron, transmission lines vs. distribution lines, etc..

It would be very handy if I could create these Symbology types within the symbology tab and give them an appropiate name. (ie. Pipe by Age) From there, if I want to switch to this symbology style in my data view, I simply right click on the layer > Symbology > Pipe by Age.

Perhaps something like this already exists, but nothing that I have ever found. As someone who constantly is updating a geodatabase and having people ask questions, this would be an amazing addition to core ArcGIS functionality. (Perhaps even other ESRI Products)

You can save different symobologies as representations (FGDB only) and easily switch between them.  See
You might want to compare your idea with ArcFM stored displays.  They are useful for changing the map layers and/or symbology without changing the extent.  Two stored displays with the same layers, but different symbology, would give you what you want.  Just food for thought.
Actually, cartographic representations are very useful and the symbology gets stored in the database with the data.
Id have to check into representations but am currently working with data coming from a versioned database. I don't believe I have the ability to save representations at this moment.

The ArcFM idea seems to be more along the lines of what I am after. Miner seems to see the beauty of this idea, it's a bout time ESRI does as well! :)
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Date entered: 2008 == See also ==Enhancement request #NIM036144 - Allow for two different symbology types to be applied to the same dataset. Graduated and Proportional to be added at the same time to one layer.Related issue - [[ArcMap_multi-component_legends_2004UC-CT.4]]Related issue - [[Symbology_Based_on_Multiple_Attributes]][[category:Mapping]]Note: Reassigned to category "Mapping" per Rupert Essinger's  
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 Pug Idea List 2014:  David Watkins, ESRI Lead - CLOSED
Enhancement request. Not planned. Currently you can do this by having the layer in the TOC twice. 

You know you can define different Definition Queries for one layer and toggle between them.

Now make the same thing for symbologies. For example, define a symbology for Unique Value's for a certain field and a symbology for Graduated Colors for another field, or another Unique Value field.

And toggle between them!

This would help me enormously with data exploration and keeping the Table of Contents clean as I don't have to keep multiple layers of the same data with different symbology.