multiple leaders from a single label (i.e. "label clustering")

08-08-2012 03:13 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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AKA Label Clustering.

Sometimes I have multiple features that I need to be distinct (for example, points that need to remain as multiple visible points as opposed to a clustered single point) but all of those points have exactly the same callout. Manual cleanup ensues, and often times I would like to have a single callout box, with multiple arrows pointing to the various similarly attributed features.

Here's a relatively poor example of what I mean (it would be much cleaner ideally):

Yes, I have to do this all the time.
I have wished for a label like this for years.  Usually I just add lines from the label  pointing to other features wtih the same label - but this is cumbersome

You could use 'Polygon text' from the Draw toolbar to draw the callout manually and input the text inside. However, I'm unsure of how to draw straight lines.


The inverse of this would also be useful for when you have lots of points that are geographically coincident.


Please add this feature! It would be great!


Please add this feature. I often have to "stack" multiple callouts to create the same effect as the originally poster. The call out ends up looking unprofessional and quite frankly, ugly. 


Given that I often deal with so many Bigfoot sightings at the home of the Annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, this is a must have. Please prioritize in time for next year's conference, and I'll make sure to highlight how I use Pro to keep track of 'Squatch habitat in the keynote.....


I know Callout Boxes were shown as an example, but definitely if we could do multiple leader lines that would be really clean looking and a nice function.  We often need to point to several polygon fragments as that is the nature of many of our fragmented unincorporated areas.


I also have a regular use for labels or annotations with multiple leaders. I feel like this is a fairly basic mapping component that should have been added ages ago. Creating additional feature classes is quite a time consuming workaround.


This would be such a useful feature!