Multiple layouts in ArcReader

02-25-2011 11:54 AM
Status: Open
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I deploy ArcReader to multiple office workstations and a public terminal. I have the layout configured for a letter-sized, landscape print with a title block, text scale, and north arrow. I would also like to provide the option of printing letter-sized portrait and also 11x17 landscape from the same pmf. Would it be possible to have multiple layouts output to a single pmf and make the choice available to the user as additional layout buttons?  If a name could be associated with each layout it could be displayed as the mouseover tool tip for each icon.

It would be great to enable Data Driven Pages in ArcReader.
I agree with szwillinger.  Data Driven Pages would be a function for ArcReader. 
Poor tool without DDP

Data driven pages in ArcReader is on my 2016 Christmas list.  

I would also like to have multiple layouts in Arc Reader.  Letter size portrait and landscape, legal and ledger.