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07-24-2017 12:48 PM
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when working with data driven pages and dynamic images, ArcMap is capable of displaying one image per page/grid dynamically. I would like the capability of displaying multiple images (each image to be a separate file/image) per grid in data driven pages.


I would also appreciate this. Alternatively, the "Name filter" is a really nice feature, but could be made better if it were more robust. Perhaps, just enough to honor a "NOT" clause. My use case is that one of the attachments is going to be named "Photo_" but the other attachment could be named a variety of things, such as "diagram", "sign", etc. I can currently ensure one of the Pictures is the "Photo" but I can't ensure that any other pictures in the layout will be any different without a consistent naming convention for them also.

 Picture Properties window of ArcMap Project with Data Driven Pages enabled

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I think it actually depends on how your images that are attached are named? We have a feature class that contains multiple pictures of potential roost trees that endangered bats use during their time on the landscape. We have a tool that will rename the photos according to the Tree ID and the which photo number the photos was taken. So if there are 3 photos for RT-001, then the naming is RT-001_photo1, RT-001_photo2, and RT-001_photo3.

I believe that if you insert three images, then within the image dialog above apply a

wildcard name of "photo1" within the first inserted image,

"photo2" within the second inserted image, and

"photo3" within the third inserted image.

Then use data driven pages to walk through the feature class objects, the photos that correspond to each feature with that particular portion of the Name Filter string will show up within that inserted image.

It took a few times to get things to work correctly, but the issue was after getting everything setup, closing the document and then reopening...i lost the setup within each of the inserted images.


Thanks for replying.

Losing that setup is unfortunate. Happily, I haven't experienced that.

Just to clarify, for the purposes of this "Idea", I am trying to avoid needing a tool to name the attachments. It is another department that is doing the attachments and I'd like to streamline it for them as much as possible.