Multi-window preview in ArcCatalog

09-29-2011 01:30 PM
Status: Closed
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Allow direct and simultaneous preview of all contents, information and properties of a selected file in ArcCatalog in detachable/dockable and freely arrangeable multiple windows:
  • Geography preview
  • Table preview
  • Metadata
  • File properties
  • Coordinate system
  • etc.

Multiple preview windows

Integrated preview windows with independent geography and table preview tabs
A thought that I've had is adding some kind of locator map window so that the user can quickly overlay his/her layers with other layers.  It doesn't have to be fancy just something to let the user know where the layer is located.
it would be great to also be able to examine more than one feature class at a time, like when you need to compare tables or metadata
duri, I really think you need to go to work for Esri.  You have some good ideas but I don't see them ever fully embracing them unless you work for them.
Status changed to: Closed

Hello @JurajKrumpolec ,

We are closing this idea entry, since it is for ArcCatalog, and we are no longer adding new functionalities to ArcCatalog.  We do want to mention, however, you can use multiple Catalog views in ArcGIS Pro to achieve similar effect, as shown by the example project below:


Thank you for your feedback.  We look forward to more of your ideas to help us improve ArcGIS Pro!