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03-07-2012 06:05 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Many times we have automaticaly Labels when we activate the Label Features, but sometimes we need to move a label without transform to graphic. I think that will be important that we will have a label tool that let you to move or edit only a layer from features without lose the link with the table from the feature.
A great idea- the current labels tool is very clunky and frustrating.  I usually end up (with a small dataset at least) drawing text boxes and arranging them manually anyway, but with tons of data this becomes time-consuming. 
Yeah, It becomes time-consuming, sometimes you have to present a map in minutes, but the layout label presentation is the problem.
You can convert the labels to feature linked annotation and move them around as much as you want. This has the same effect as this idea.

What is Annotation?
Feature linked annotation is great for making lots of changes, but quite clunky for just sliding a label over a bit or other minor tweeks.  I don't need to change the text or its formatting, just refine the placement of a few indivedual labels.  Especially with fixed location labels turned on.
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The solution to this in both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro is to convert the labels to annotation - either in a database or in a map as graphics.

Convert labels to annotation

In order to maintain a link to the base features you will need to convert to feature-linked annotation.