Modify specific geometries in respect to area, length, and rotation

08-10-2012 05:45 AM
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The editing toools offered in 10 are nice but I think there can be a few improvements.  The templates allow the user to set default attribute values but why not set default geometry attribute such as area and shape?  I know that a similar affect is possible using the copy and paste features but honestly this gets old pretty fast.  

Being able to define a features geometry before it is created would also help in the automation of many digitization processes. For example if you have well defined set of variables, say you need a rectangular polygon adjacent to a line at certain intersections and that polygons area is derived from the type and angle of that intersection and you need that polygon's rotation matched to that of the original line, you could set up a model or python script to define these variables and automatically generate the necessary features for your study area.  

This becomes particularly important when your features of interest are not static, such as a proposed natural gas pipeline that gets routed and rerouted numerous times throughout the alignment proposal process and you need to maintain standardized workspaces that are generated for exhibits that are needed frequently (generally several a week) throughout the permiting process.
From Esri:  We are working on advances in this area for a future release of ArcGIS.

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Pug Idea List 2014:  David Watkins, ESRI Lead
Planned for a future release of ArcGIS Pro
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I'm marking this Idea as 'Already Offered'. Preset Templates allow you to create a feature or features with a preset geometry. You can also set the rotation while placing features if you choose the 'Point with rotation' tool: