ModelBuilder Geoprocessing object rename F2

10-01-2020 08:32 PM
Status: Open
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I have been using geoprocessing tools for many years (how long has model builder it been around now?) and I like clean looking models for documentation.

May we have F2 to rename selected modelbuilder items (pro and desktop)? I keep pressing it because it is default hotkey how most things to be renamed (even in ESRI).


Steven - I did not find anyway to associate an F2 accelerator to the Rename command in the context menu within ModelBuilder in AGP.  I did find it's command ID value of esri_modelbuilder_renameElementButton used by the programmers but can't find a way to get an accelerator assigned to it.  Perhaps one of the AGP developers will weight in.


I use model builder lots and it has been frustrating me for a long time that I can't press F2 to rename a model element.  This is a great idea and a simple tweak to the UI that will bring much needed efficiency.