ModelBuilder Canvas UI Scrolling/Panning Improvements (Pro)

05-29-2019 08:55 AM
Status: Open
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The ModelBuilder canvas scroll bars, zooming, and panning is very restrictive, making for a clunky UX. Pro won't allow you to scroll/zoom/pan beyond the model tools. As we're building models, you have to add the tool on top of existing tools, then drag around the new tool to force the canvas to "expand". Allow the canvas to be user friendly, let users scroll/pan to where they want to work in the model. Don't require a tool to be drug around 'clunkily' to move to the proper spot on the canvas.



Duncan Hornby‌, you have several modelbuilder interface ideas. Have you experienced this issue too?


I have posted this idea which I think is related, it places the tool at the beginning of the model so there is a lot of unnecessary and slow dragging of tools around the canvas. ArcPro modelbuilder needs to get smarter in where it places a tool.

I have observed your issue with it not allowing you to move beyond the extent of the tools, it's quite frustrating. If I had to put it on a scale I find this issue less frustrating than it dumping tools far off to the left when I'm building a model on the right.


ArcGIS Pro 2.5: Pro fails to pan in model builder as it is used to work in ArcMap,

For example, in the screenshot below, panning from down to up is not possible in Pro while it can be performed decently in ArcMap. Panning in ArcMap in all directions in much more decent than Pro


Is this by design or something that needs to be enhanced?


Jamal NUMAN‌,

I wonder if this is a regression bug in Pro 2.5? I am still at 2.4, and in a similar case, I can pan through the model, and the Pan tool isn't disabled as it is in your screenshot.

Can you also confirm that you were able to do this in 2.4?

Screenshot from my Pro 2.4:


Thank you for responding to help, Marco Boeringa‌!  This is a continuation of this duplicate idea 

Pan works, but the current limitation is that you can only pan to the extent of the model, and not continue panning further...


The “pan” issue appears not to be enhanced in 2.7!




Not implemented in 2.8.4


Not in 3.0