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Migrate Model Builder Print Feature to ArcGIS Pro

09-13-2018 07:16 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcMap, users could print/export a diagram of a model built in Model Builder. Such a feature let users share graphically with others in reports/presentations about the spatial analysis conducted. No similar capability seems to exist in ArcGIS Pro's Model Builder.


Yes, this is a very useful function:

  • Complex models are easier to read, diagnose, and understand when printed in "map layout"
  • They really help in meetings with non-gis users, like leadership teams

indeed very usefull, one picture tells more than a 1000 words


Hi David,

Please share the link to this idea with your fellow GIS users so that they can Vote up this desired function.



Hi Jelle,

Well said! Please share the link to this idea with your fellow GIS users so that they can Vote up this desired function.



Excellent idea!!


Um, yes!! Our data systems make what seem from a distance to be somewhat simple questions quite complex.  (As I'm sure many of you deal with frequently).  And so trying to convey the complexity of what needs to be done to broader audience that half-get GIS would be hugely useful.  And also to hang the thing on my wall so I can stare at it when I get lost in the complexity. 


I inadvertently added a duplicate idea which was the same as this and has subsequently been marked as so, but that lead me here.

One additional tweak to this idea is to control the canvas colour, currently it is an off-white background which means any export/screen grab captures a model in some grey square. Most journals and reports publish on white paper and models from ArcPro look a bit naff...


It is not in the plan to build a print option for ArcGIS Pro models, but there is a plan export to graphic/pdf:


Is the “print setup” available in 2.5? or developed in 2.6?

ArcGIS Pro 2.5: “Print setup” tool is not available while working with model builder,


Hi Jamal.  This idea has a status of Reviewed, so the feature is not currently in the product plan for 2.6.  The ModelBuilder team is aware of the issue, and has responded to you on other related threads across GeoNet.