Middle-Click to Rotate Map (ArcGIS Pro)

07-27-2017 02:49 PM
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In 3D scenes, one can rotate the map by middle-clicking and moving the mouse. It would be great to have this same functionality in 2D maps.


Moving between 2D and 3D in a project -- particularly one with linked views -- this lack of functionality is a bit jarring. In 3D, I frequently rotate my view but then when I jump back to 2D I become extremely disoriented because north is no longer up and there is no easy way to spin the map back around. A button to set the current map's rotation to zero could also alleviate this.

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Noel Peterson

The ‘V’ (rotate) hot-key will do what you need – hold V and left-mouse to rotate the map

AND… the ‘N’ (north) hot-key will get the map back to a rotation value of 0 when the Explore tool is active.

This functionality is already offered in ArcGIS Pro.  Please respond to let me know if it meets your requirement, and if so, we'll update the Idea's status to Already Offered.

Thank you!


I'm very glad to hear that this functionality already exists in ArcGIS Pro, and I will make use of it. I would still strongly urge the dev team to implement a middle-click-to-rotate feature for 2D maps.

It is very jarring going back and forth between 2D and 3D when both allow single-click-to-pan and double-click-to-zoom, but only 3D views allow middle-click-to-rotate. Currently middle-clicking a 2D map doesn't appear to do anything (although I'm not using the newest version of Pro yet), so I don't see any reason not to add this functionality.


I wanted to follow up on this thread that since it was posted, clicking and holding the mouse wheel is used to to enable panning while another tool is active. 

Therefore, it can't be used to rotate a map - so the V and N shortcut keys will need to be used.

Status changed to: Closed

After discussion with the product team, it turns out that when Pro was first introduced, pressing the mouse scroll wheel was used to rotate the map.  However, after receiving feedback from frustrated users who were accidentally rotating the map, the functionality was removed.

Given that history, along with the ability to use the shortcut keys, this idea is being closed.

While not all ideas will be implemented, we truly appreciate your contributions and hope to see your continued participation in ArcGIS Ideas.

Thank you!