MetaData Lineage inherited from Ancestors

03-28-2013 11:45 AM
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MetaData needs to maintain a hierarchical ancestry of Lineage.  All ESRI operations (GeoProcessing, Export, Copy, etc) should produce Lineage which inherits from all input source(s).  This would include a few key tags (Abstract, Coordinate System, Author, Creation Date, etc) as well as inheriting any hierarchical lineage already present in the input from previous processing steps.  This also requires a more robust MetaData Viewer that can navigate the hierarchical tree of lineage/ancestry.  And the standard for storing this hierarchy should be documented and published for consistent use by 3rd party extension and data suppliers.
Value: we hope it is apparent how useful this information would be to fully understand how a dataset was derived from various other inputs and processes.  And for the individuals performing the processing, how useful it would be to remember what was done when it needs to be revised or repeated with new data.
Note:  this request has been on the PUG List for many years, currently at
This is a quick summary, and I will gather and post additional information in subsequent Comments to this item.
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There is already a vable soltion implimented for years in our Petroleum Extension, the Priemere Power Tools for ArcGIS.  However, it is much needed for all of ArcGIS.  And its effectiveness in our Power Tools is diminished when an ArcGIS process touches data and loses the lineage that has been acquired.

Below is a image from the hirarhcal  metadata viewer exhibiting the concept.  Note it was generated five years ago already (2009).  We would be more than happy to share details.  Contact

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 Pug Idea List 2014:  Steve Kopp, ESRI Lead
New comment from Rich yesterday.  Need to check with Metadata folks. All GP tools would need to be ammended to follow some convention that was added.  Would like to see Esri implement similar functionality in the software. Also some info from the Gededtic community that is covered in the tool.