Measured Grids - Suffix or Prefix

05-27-2010 11:00 PM
Status: Open
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I originally requested this as an enhancement request in 2002 (CQ00152782), thought it was time to submit it again!

ArcGIS must be the only mapping software in the world that doesn't provide an option for suffixes or prefixes on what ESRI call measured grids. For example mE for eastings and mN for northings, so instead of your map reading 253000 it says something useful like 253000mN.

Why would this be so hard to implement?
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This was promised way back when ArcMap first replaced ArcView 3.2 and we are still waiting come on ESRI be quicker than this please.

And as for previous request for those of us using ArcMap for map production these types of details a crucial to the quality of the final product.

I agree, I have offen wanted this feature
I can see how to do this but why the problem, it shouldn't be this hard.

Why are the offset of the coordinates all over the place when I set the Corner Label?

Find under this image another showing the Measure Grid options under Corner label.

However I agree with others that it should be not just the corners, it should include the sides.


If you can have the functionality for corner labels how hard is it to implement the same thing for the other labelling options. Fairly standard design for a map grid. 
Come on ESRI - It is BASIC functionality like this that diffentiates your desktop software from the other rubbish out there.


Pats on the back though for dynamic legends in ArcGIS 10.1. It's only taken you 12 years.