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Maximum number of licenses to borrow

03-16-2012 03:06 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Add a function to add the number of licenses you want to be borrowed from the licese server.
when you have 20 licenses you do not want them all to be borrowed but just a small number

You can set this number in applications like Autodesk who are also using Flexlm as license manager, this can be done in the options file:


BORROW_LOWWATER feature[:keyword=value] n

Sets the number of licenses for a BORROW feature that cannot be borrowed.

I think this should be a high priority and I hope others start promoting it.  There is NIM053882 (from Feb 2010) that basically asks for the same thing, but the current status is "on-hold" and marked as a low priority.  Hopefully we can get this promoted here and maybe getted it added before 10.1 final.  I was told (unofficially by tech support) that it is a feature of Flex LM, which is probably why Autodesk has it, but not currently available in ArcGIS LM. 
Agreed!  Trying to achieve the same result with an OPT file is a lot more complicated (if it would even work by setting groups).