Master Street Address Guide

10-07-2013 12:23 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
I'd like to see a tool available in the Address Data Management template for the Local Government Information Model to create a Master Street Address Guide .  A Master Street Address Guide lists all streets and address ranges by ESN and Mapzone or Municipality for Even and Odd sides of the street.  911 dispatch uses them to verify that the correct emergency services are sent to the proper address.  It's a little more detailed than the Master Street Name table in the LGIM.  All the required infomation should be the LGIM, it's just a matter of getting it properly assimilated.  We have an old, old AML for MSAG generation that uses coverages, but we've never been successful at moving it into a current programming format for GDB.  We've also experimented with 3rd party MSAG creators, but they usually lag behind current ArcGIS versions.  So how about it?  If you'dlike a copy of our ancient AML, let me know!  
Lisa McAleer
Sounds like a great idea to me!!!!!!
This is an excellent idea.  I am looking for the same thing.  Every county in the country will eventually need this as the antion converts to NG911.


Rob Hursey
Madison County, IL 911
This funtionality would be invaluable. I am manually trying to comapre the left-right address ranges in our street centerline with the (exported) XLS spreadsheet of our MSAG that was made available to me from our 911 dispatch contact, it is extremely time consuming.

Thank you!

Brad Anderson
Moorhead, MN