MapInfo TAB and MID/MIF import/export within ArcView

12-28-2010 06:24 AM
Status: Open
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I propose to add a new functionality MapInfo TAB import/export, which should be available already in ArcView license level (similarly like different CAD data formats support). At the moment it`s possible only with ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension. Data East`s TAB Reader does not support export to MapInfo formats at all. ArcView customer has only MIF to Shapefile functionality. 
It is still very urgent topic in Estonia (local municipalities, planning companies) and probably on the other countries, where MapInfo is widely spread.
Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional has practical Universal Translator (UT) for spatial data interchange, but if to use Shape files generated by UT, there can be complications related to polygon objects/topology etc.
The new TABreader 4.0 release can directly export to TAB
TAB Reader 4.0 is a solution, but it`s quite hard to explain, why TAB Reader price is so expensive (ca 500 USD per license)... 
You can use Quantum GIS for free to open TAB files and save them as SHP
A direct mapinfo export would be very useful
Working in Local Government, the split in GIS use seems to be between Map Info and ESRI Arc software. It is difficult to promote ESRI at times because of the Universal Translator Facility in Map Info which will convert to/from .shp file format
It's things like this that make me realise that ESRI don't care about their users.
A simple thing like a converter for MID/MIF to shapefile would not hurt their profit margins, but yet they remove from the latest versions.
If MapInfo can provide a translator, what's stopping ESRI??

(Dont get me started on the whole USB GPS issue)...