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Map Series - Remove duplicates from Table Frame field(s)

04-20-2023 01:25 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to remove duplicate entries from a map series table frame that uses Query = Map series rows.  The table frame is a dynamic table listing the features attributes that fall within the page extent.  But when there are features within the page extent with the same values there will be multiple entries listed in the table.  For example:  if there are points naming a multiple part feature, such as a parcel that is cut by a road and there are two points to label each portion of the parcel, the parcel will be listed twice in the dynamic table.  Having the ability to remove duplicate table entries by one field or multiple fields would be great.


Yes, in Desktop/Production Mapping, you could eliminate duplicates ("Unique').  Please bring this into Pro (along with being able to use the symbology in the table)!





Hi, can you please show me where Table Properties is located in ArcGIS Pro, so I can set to Unique values? Thanks