Map scale dependent point symbology for polygon layer

02-06-2013 09:01 AM
Status: Open
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If polygons in a feature class are rather small, they are hard to see in a web mapping app when the zoom scale is large therefore users of the app cannot find polygon locations to see these small polygons unless they zoom into the area.  What if in publishable desktop ArcMap documents, a polygon or line feature class had the option to set the symbology to display as a "point" feature at its centroid that is scale dependent? The user can see the point display and when the user zooms to a user specified scale the symbology switches from point to polygon or line symbology.  All this symbology function would be done using a single polygon or line feature class and would remove the need to have multiple feature classes or layers with varying symbology or redundant data (i.e. polygon and point feature class/layer with the same attribute table).  This would improve efficiency of SDE databases, map documents and definitely map services.
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Thats a great idea!