Make ticking/un-ticking boxes of export options more concise

03-25-2022 05:39 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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I recently had to re-export a massive amount of maps, because I had accidentally un-checked the option "Embed fonts" before the export, which destroyed some legend items and the north arrow. This can happen quite easily, since you don't need to un-tick the box. It also happens if you click next to the box. It even happens if you have another window open, for example the file explorer, and you click on ArcGIS Pro to return to it, and just happen to click a spot 10cms to the right of the box!

I think this ticking and un-ticking is much to broad and should be more concise - if you click on the box designed for it! This way, these accidents are less likely to happen. 


For some reason you can check "clip to graphics extent" by clicking anywhere in the area to the right of the text. This become problematic when I happen to click in that area after I'm done naming my file to get out of the naming box... then I export to my demise finding out that I unintentionally clipped to the graphics extent. Maybe only the check box should be active for turning on that feature?



Status changed to: Under Consideration