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Make "Preserve Global IDs" a global setting under Options>Geoprocessing

08-14-2023 02:47 PM
Status: Open
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Please make "Preserve Global IDs" a default setting under Options>Geoprocessing. As the administrator of our Enterprise system, managing and curating dozens of authoritative datasets, I must maintain our tables and features, which means often updating production tables, which might mean replacing tables with outdated or deprecated schemas. But, to maintain data and relationship continuity, I rely on GlobalIDs to ensure all my tables will reconcile once they make it to production. In my line of work, I cannot think of an instance where I would want my GlobalIDs to not transfer over to a working copy of the feature. Right now, I must remember to turn on this setting every single time I use Append, Export Data, Feature Class to Feature Class, Table to Table, Copy Features, or Copy Rows. I know that using Copy and Paste w/in ArcGIS Pro preserves GlobalIDs, but I can't always use this feature. Putting this as a default setting is one less thing I must remember to do when maintaining our data.

By contrast, maintaining attachments is already a default setting, and is always on. But there are detailed documents along with rich GP tools that can help transfer attachments after a replication if this isn't done at the time of replication. There are few tools to help reconcile working and production tables if they lack a true and dependable unique ID field like the GlobalID field. This does not seem to be balanced in favor of data integrity. Please consider this. Thanks.


Hello Randy,

thanks for submitting your idea.

Preserve Global IDs is a GDB environment setting--as you well know--that you can also set from the Environments, which you may not be aware of.



Regardless, I've let the GDB Team know and they will review and evaluate.


@BBicking1 thank you for the information on Environment setting, which is great for 'per project' based settings. Just to clarify I am looking for a global application user setting; so that every project environment I work in, regardless of what the current project GP environment is set to, automatically honors my user preference on this setting. And just to clarify a bit more: I don't necessarily want it to overwrite the current project GP environment, just honor my setting while I am working on the project. After I am done, it can default back to whatever the original environment setting was. Thanks.


Hello Randy,

thanks for the response.
I am aware that you're requesting a global setting. I mentioned the ENV setting as an option to possibly tie you over till  the GDB Team has assessed your request.



@BBicking1 thanks for the confirmation. I have indeed noted this option for future use and provided it to appropriate staff in our organization. 


I'm up-voting this idea. As Randy mentions, I can't think of a scenario where I wouldn't want this enabled by default. As a consultant, the data we work with often get's transferred back and forth and invariably someone will forget to go to Environments and turn this on before exporting a dataset. I would have much more peace of mind if I could default enable this across my entire organization so my users don't have to remember.