Make python the default scripting environment

08-17-2012 04:34 AM
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I propose to change the default scripting environment for functions like the Field Calculator and the Label Expression parser from VB Script to Python.
I like the idea, but maybe have the option of selecting a default parser within ArcMap options instead? (or within the ArcMap Advanced Settings Utility). Give the users the options a choice of what they want.

A lot of organisations are probably still using VBS and don't need to migrate to Python.
My users understand the basics of VBS, but if Python was forced as the default, a lot of Panadol would be needed. :)
Or maybe make ArcMap remembering which scripting environment that was used last time (globally, or in that map document), and set that to the default next time.
No offense, but I propose VBS to be the primary scripting for all of ArcGIS.  Much easier to use and write code in half the time of Py-thon which is not user friendly at all.
This seems like the logical thing to do since VB is not even supported if you are running these tools in 64bit background geoprocessing. 
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Given where ArcMap is in its product life cycle it wouldn't make sense for us to update this setting and potentially break muscle memory for so many. Python is the default in ArcGIS Pro. Thanks for your contribution to the ideas site!