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Make Pro License Expiration "Grace Period" longer than 1 hour

01-28-2020 08:41 AM
Status: Open
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Generally, I like the move to named user licenses since it allows me to easily use and authenticate ArcGIS Pro when I switch between several computers. However, when Pro cannot authenticate it creates a notification that your access to Pro will be cut off in 1 hour. This is causing problems today because ESRI is experiencing AGOL outages that is interfering with Pro authentication for named licenses. Since Pro can't authenticate, it says I'll be unable to use it after an hour.

The important point here is that things out of a user's control could cause this - including connectivity problems or - as in this case - AGOL problems. A grace period of 1 hour will likely impact users when then problem is out of their control. 

I think extending that to maybe - one day - would not impact ESRI (if your license really did expire, one extra day isn't going to change much) but would allow time for external problems to be fixed and/or give users time to find and implement a workaround (eg - find internet they can connect to once a day). 

I realize that checking out a license could help, but not all organizations allow it and that seems like a more cumbersome solution if this is the only reason a user needs to check out their license.


Great idea! We recently had our VM go down and portal authenticated users, on that VM, were given only 1 hour. Fortunately we got the VM back up but what if it had taken a few hours? 


Thanks for the supporting story. It seems like in most cases one day is a problem, but one hour is a crisis.