Make pop-up charts configurable in ArcGIS Pro

02-05-2021 05:52 AM
Status: Open
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Charts available in pop-ups are great, however x & y axis are not configurable. By default the x axis is derived from the Field Name as opposed to the Alias, and its direction cannot be edited, which means in the best case scenario, you'll see the first 2 letter of Field name.

For example with following Field Name:

  • Suburbs_data$.Age_0_14
  • Suburbs_data$.Age_15_29
  • Suburbs_data$.Age_30_44
  • Suburbs_data$.Age_45_59
  • Suburbs_data$.Age_60_

The chart legend will be AU..AU..AU..AU..AU.. instead of allowing you to change scale and orientation of axis to display:

  • Age 0 - 14
  • Age 15 - 29
  • Age 30-44
  • Age 45-59
  • Age 60+

...which makes the chart understandable for everybody.


Same applies for all types of charts: Column, Line, Pie and Bar charts.