Make New Layout Gallery Customisable

11-25-2020 12:04 AM
Status: Open
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The New Layout gallery cannot be customised, so metric countries and organisations see non-ISO layouts and vice-versa. This makes the gallery cluttered. It would be useful to hide the layouts that aren't required.

The second part of this idea is that there are two places in the ribbon interface to bring in a layout - New Layout (which includes Import Layout) and Import Layout. This is a bit confusing having two locations to add a layout. However the Import Layout gallery is customisable.

Ideally these two should be merged so that the New Layout and the Import Layout are in the same gallery and are fully customisable. But also keep the ability to choose another pagx to import if required.



Hi David, 

Thanks for the comments.

Though the New Layout gallery cannot be customized you should see the ISO sizes at the top of the gallery (above ANSI sizes) if your OS is set in a "metric" locale.  In this example I've set the locale to German.  

Screenshot 2020-11-19 053457.png

You can also choose to display only one of the size groups to lessen the clutter of the gallery.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 053457.png

This filtering in only temporary and will not be saved with the project.

Initially we looked into expanding the original New Layout gallery to make this customizable but found that this would be much more difficult to implement than anticipated - almost a complete overhaul. Instead we created the Import Layout gallery. Though the Import Layout gallery's main purpose is to provide easy access to pre-authored layout files (layout templates), you can also use this gallery to provide access to blank pages (layout files without anything on the page) of sizes that are used by you and your organization. This might even eliminate the need to use the New Layout gallery at all.

We are well aware of this potential confusion between galleries and are monitoring feedback. You are welcome to add an idea for merging the galleries to the Ideas site.

Hope this helps, 




I just realized your post is on the Ideas Site.  Sorry for the confusion. I'm still getting used to the new GeoNet layout.