Make it possible not to calculate statistics or pyramids in geoprocessing

03-08-2022 02:20 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I noticed that statistics and pyramids always get calculated in geoprocessing, even though I have chosen never to calculate pyramids in the overall options. Therefore, I would suggest to reintroduce the option to opt out of calculating statistics and pyramids in the raster storage settings of the geoprocessing environments. In the screenshot I marked the options in the ArcMap environment settings.

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What tool are you using?

When I look at the Environments for Copy Raster

I see that it has the Pyramid and Raster Statistics options. 


Where are you not seeing these options?


I would suggest to add it to all  geoprocessing tools that produce raster. That would probably be most of the spatial analyst, Image analyst, 3D analyst tools. I noticed that it is missing in the Raster Calculator, Natural Neighbour, Aggregate or Focal statistics. I just checked Copy Raster; that looks exactly like your screenshot and how I would like it to have in the other tools.

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Thank you for the details @CordulaGöke 

After looking into this further, I see the comparison you are making. However, it is important to understand that in ArcMap, all the Environment settings are displayed as available all the time for all tools, even if the tool does not honor that setting. From the examples you provided, if we take Raster Calculator you do see the Raster Storage options in the Environment Settings. But examine what Environment settings are honored by the tool ( and you'll see that those are ignored.

The difference with Pro geoprocessing tools is that environment settings that are not honored by a tool are not displayed as options (so that you aren't needlessly setting something that will simply be ignored). I'll check with the appropriate teams to make sure that this idea is still valid, and we have it Open again for other community members to vote on. I just wanted to provide this explanation to shift the mindset that this is an equivalency issue with ArcMap. It isn't. It would be an enhancement in Pro to provide these options. 

We also will want to update the title to reflect that the request is to have Spatial Analyst/3D Analyst/Image Analyst tools that output a raster honor Raster Storage environment settings.

EDIT: But if the intent of the original idea is to NOT build pyramids or calculate statistics for output rasters from the tools you mention, I believe that that is already the case.


Thanks for the detailed explanation @KoryKramer. I used a lot of raster tools before I posted the idea. I just remember that I saw the message "calculating statistics or pyramids" for a layer that is just an interim result for me. If calculation of pyramids/statistics is completely turned of that is what I prefer.

Status changed to: Already Offered

Thanks @CordulaGöke Then you already have what you need because pyramids and statistics are not valid environment settings for these tools in ArcMap nor in ArcGIS Pro.

@שלומיחזאם and @DaniellaSollitt since you voted for this idea, can you please provide details about what functionality you are looking for? I'm marking this Already Offered at this time. If what you are asking for is to allow the setting of Pyramids and Statistics in output rasters for Spatial Analyst tools, it would be best to open a new idea with that specific request and your use cases.

Thanks, all!