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Make it easier to delete alternate symbols

07-08-2020 08:48 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS pro we have the ability to add alternate symbols based on the current map scale.  However deleting them is not intuitive.  When I originally tried to delete the alternate scales I tried to right clicked on the individual row for the alternate symbol I no longer needed (shown in red on the image).  This also is what the ESRI support person did as well.  Right clicking did nothing.  Apparently in order to delete the alternate symbol the user needs to click on the divider icon (circled in blue) in the main symbol class.  I don't think this is very intuitive.

Please consider allowing a right click "Delete {Alternate Symbol}" to remove the alternate symbols where the red X is located.

Thank You

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thanks for posting the solution! I really didn't want to have to recreate them all again. I did the exact same thing, right clicking one to try and find a delete option. i hope they can add that in