Make Feature 3D Layer

02-14-2011 08:19 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Esri Contributor

We miss an alternative of Make Feature Layer tool for 3D data. If we want to convert many 3D shapefiles into multipatches, there is no automatic way to do this because  Make Feature Layer tool does not recognize 3D data. Therefore Layer 3D to Feature Class is useless in ModelBuilder. The only way is to add few (memory limits) 3D shapefiles to ArcScene and run batch Layer 3D to Feature Class manually. Very time consuming at the moment.

This is an interesting concern but I am not sure if I completely understand. It has been getting promotes but no comments.  I am not sure exactly how/why people are agreeing with the idea and would like to understand. JBOROVAN, if you are still active, would you like to try creating a workspace (third blue button in the upper left) and sharing a data example and workflow discussion?
2wlynch: Make Feature Layer tool within ArcToolbox does not count with Z values. This means that if I have e.g. 3D shapefile and apply Make Feature Layer tool, no 3D effect is applied (shapefiles remains flat).
Make 3D Feature Layer, or equivalent, is being considered for a future release of ArcGIS to allow automated creation of layers with 3D properties (base height, extrusion, etc). Currently, you have to interactively use scene/globe to add these properties and it cannot be done in a GP Model.