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Make Data Interoperability available for local installations

12-05-2018 06:34 AM
by Anonymous User
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Due to our slow scripting organisation we're using ArcGIS Pro in our organisation mainly as single use. I recently got access to data interop, and sadly, ran into this issue:


Whoops -- pro DataInteropp


This saddens me greatly as it means I have to jump through a great amount of hoops to force our IT partner (which is... horribly not-GIS minded) to do an install for me, and in the process I'll loose all the python goodness...


Can we please have a datainterop installer that also works with user-level installs?




Hi Guus, it turns out requiring an all-users installation is an artifact of ensuring no collisions between desktop and enterprise installs of Data Interoperability and there isn't much we can do in the short term.  I'll bring this up with the framework team again.


Hi Guus, we haven't forgotten about you.  There is some research going on around the collision issue that is showing some promise.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

This is now being planned for release in 2024.