Make all floating tool windows dockable.

04-20-2015 01:26 PM
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With more and more users going to larger and larger monitors we now have room to dock more items and help increase ease of use.

Others have posted to make specific windows dockable, I would ask that we have the ability to dock any window.  Other than processes that are Dialog windows which called up and ran from ArcTool Box.  i.e. we don't need to dock the XY to Line Dialog

Often I find myself with Find, Select by Attributes and Select By location up all the time becuase I am using them a lot.  It would be great to dock them alongside other windows like Attributes, Templates, etc...

However, it is great that we can now take these windows out side of the ArcGIS window and put them in other monitors.

I agree, moving the Identify or Find (etc.) windows out of they way constantly is frustrating.
Hillary, the Identify window is dockable but I would love to have the Find window dockable.

I have something roughly similar in ArcGIS 10.5:

Once I identify a point, I would like to zoom into the point automatically, and once I do, have the Identify window dock to a position on the monitor so that I can actually SEE what it is I am identifying, instead of having to move it from being on top of the feature.  


Another thing I'd like to do is customize the Identify window so that X amount of attributes for a layer are in one "field" and the other set of attributes are in the next "field" over.   This would be similar to the Fields tab in the Properties for any layer 


If there is a way to attach my illustrations to show what it is I am referring to I would love to hear it.




Daniel B


The Identify window can already be docked.  You can also control what fields are visible in the layer properties and even highlight special fields of interest.  


I agree.  My specific request would be that all tools originating from the attribute window be dockable or minimizable in the attribute window (or elsewhere if this is not possible). I review tables and make comments in "PROBLEM" and "RESOLUTION" fields and I have to keep Calculate Fields window open to repeat specific comments (ex. PROBLEM field entries for "Addresses are in a different ESN than CL.", RESOLUTION field entries for "Exception"). I have several comments I repeat over and over and over and it is faster to select a group of records and field calculate, but the windows for these tools take up a ton of space.  I may have 6-8 of these open at a time.  It would be super useful to minimize these for future use so I do not have to move them around or close them and then re-enter the text.


I agree. It would be helpful if we could dock windows like Select By Location:



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In ArcGIS Pro, you can open any tool in the Geoprocessing pane to have a docked tool window. Some ribbon and toolbar buttons open tools in a floating window for shorter, focused interactions

If you prefer such a tool to be dockable, just open that tool in the Geoprocessing pane. For example, you can search for the Select Layer by Location tool in the geoprocessing pane.